Dear Members and Associate Members,

Welcome and challenged. This was the sermon at church recently and it resonated with me. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable as members of PRRWF. I want you to feel challenged too.

Challenged to dig in, lean in and buy into building the conservative base on the Central Coast. Donald Trump needs you!

It’s wonderful seeing new members join, long time members share their wisdom with others and so many of you helping in big and small ways. Every act of volunteering matters. Thank you. Today, I’m asking you… what resonates in your heart? In what way can you pitch in? Be challenged? Find that one little thing or one big thing that you can do to help our country heal and our mission grow. We need each and everyone of you to step into an active role. I’m going to be very honest with you. I need you! Will you please help?

Here are immediate needs:

 Newsletter:    We need to produce ten Newsletters this year to get points. More importantly, the NL is a source for sharing, educating and celebrating. This edition is Jan/Feb. We’ll need March, April, May, June, July/August Summer Update, September, October, November and December. The editor doesn’t do it alone. You’ll have help. Check out all the information in this edition contributed by members!

Attend City Council and SLO Board Meetings: educate ourselves by attending these meetings. Share what you learn with members via email or in the NL. Invite guests to events and luncheons and join PRRWF.

Website Volunteer: help Shirley Butler, our editor, update the website, learn the ins and outs and elevate our club so when people google us, they see how wonderful you are.

Chair the 2017 Voter Registration Drive. Take photos of club events and post on social media.

*** Republican, Democrat, Independent… we are all Americans but we are divided. Our work is just beginning to Make America Great Again. Please call me with any suggestions, comments, ideas, complaints, whatever it is that can help our club grow and help you.

Thank you and as always, God Bless America.  God Bless America,


 Teresa Sullenger