Paso Robles Republican Women Ferederated

Signed in as:

Paso Robles Repulbican Women Federated


Who We Are

PRRWF, chartered in 1925, has been an active club since 1964.

We are affliated with the National Federation of Republican Women with 48 State Federations across the country.  We are part of the "largest women's volunteer political organization in the world".

We are members of the California Federation of Republican Women with 178 clubs from Del Norte County down to San Diego County.  California has the largest block of members in the National Federation.

We are a club in Region III of the Central Division of the California Federation, made up of all the Federated clubs in the county of San Luis Obispo.  We adhere to the direction of our Region, Division, State and National leadership.

We are registered as Republicans and believe in the Republican principles.  The Federation is an official part of the Republican Party.  It is the educational arm.